Lighted Workstation


– Speed: 0 ~ 10000 mm / min

– Voltage: AC 220V / 50 ~ 60Hz

Product Features:

1. Elaboration M lead screw, hand width-adjusting system to make 2 conveyor tracks move smoothly.

2. Imported circular special belt and patent tracks, can solve thin card guide PCB problem, improve fluency of connection.

3. Standard signal of industry for equipments, SMEMA can connect with others automatically on line.

4. Machine area made by thickened models or section Aluminum, with superior materials durable service and seed firm.

5. Applicable to production line of SMT and AI, facilitate to connection of equipments before and after.

6. When PCB moves interposition during transmitting, it has the function of photo electricity automatic inspection and manual


7. Increasing weight at the bottom to make machine uneasy to be moved, make connection more smoothly.